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Like I’ve mentioned before I’m more of a Street Fighter kind of guy… But when the creators of Mortal Kombat put out a DC fighting game, I couldn’t resist… Well, actually, the same team was behind Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe which kind of worried me as the beginning as it would be so easy to just port the existing DC characters from the old game and make a new game out of it. But it does not play like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe at all, so kudos to the team for actually working and not produce Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe clone but a completely new game.

Regarding similarities, Injustice: Gods Among Us kind of use a fighting system similar to the Mortal Kombat titles without fighting exactly like Mortal Kombat, but that makes it easy for Mortal Kombat players to jump into this new game without too much trouble.

I’m not a Mortal Kombat player (although I’m familiar with the game) so basically had to start from scratch… At first I learnt the characters combos (simple one, two, threes) as well as their special moves. Being a Street Fighter, I found funny as I started focusing more on combos rather than on the special moves (which doesn’t make sense in Street Fighter) to only later try to link in special moves into those combos…

So I’d say it’s a pretty beginner friendly game as the fighting system allows you to evolve while playing until you become a complete bad ass! The guys understood that you shouldn’t play a game after a month playing it the same way you were on the first day, and I think it will keep me playing the game for a while (good replay value I guess?).

Chaining combos together is not “easy” but it’s not difficult either. It feels sort of natural and put at the reach of most gamers… But some of the more advanced combos are not that easy to perform. Landing a wake up attack is a bitch too.


How i found it!

Gaphics 90%
Sound 70%
Gameplay 85%
I found the game very enjoyable, easy to learn and takes times to master, it’s lots of fun with friends, which makes it sweet during parties and holidays…
Some of the characters do not have projectiles at all while others have too many so it might be a tad difficult to play against Deathstroke for example. He’s got all those fire arms and can just shoot the shit out of you from across the screen


Until your realize that ...

Some aspects, such as projectiles special moves, are kind of “broken”… Some of the characters do not have projectiles at all while others have too many so it might be a tad difficult to play against Deathstroke for example. He’s got all those fire arms and can just shoot the shit out of you from across the screen, a bit like the annoying Sagat in Street Fighter 2 except the fireballs are going as fast as bullets so you can’t dodge for shit. So yeah, some tiny balancing issues but overall it’s still a pretty well designed game.

You can choose to kick ass with any character, may it be Cat Woman, Joker or Cyborg (yeah… Cyborg… Who wanted that guy in??) and I guarantee with some time invested you’re gonna be a cracker player at this game… Except for me because my 5 year old son won’t allow me to play one of the good guys… Anyway… All of them have what’s called a Character Power and it’s different for all of them… Superman hits harder, Batman gets batarangs flying around him (you can later order them to do stuff in combos), etc… A really good job was made in personalizing the characters which makes them unique to the player.

There’s also a “clash mode” that happens when someone is doing a combo and the one getting beaten up is on his/her second HP bar… Just press forward and R2 and the two characters just go across the screen to then rush back in and clash to create a big ass explosion, and when the dust from all this power burst settles, one of the characters stands triumphant and the other one’s licking the floor calling for his mom… It’s like a wager thing where you wager part of your super attack bar, and if you win you either gain back health if you were defending or inflict damage if you were attacking, with the respective amount being proportional to how much of your super attack bar you were waging.

So I’d say it’s a pretty beginner friendly game as the fighting system allows you to evolve while playing until you become a complete bad ass!

I really like ...

I really like Injustice: Gods Among Us because it gets to play for what it is… A DC fighting game! Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe wasn’t really a Mortal Kombat game but wasn’t a DC game either, it was more like a “pot-pourri” of both where neither one nor the other really got to shine… OK, Injustice: Gods Among Us does not have fatalities but it does have those monstrously powerful moves that are personalized to each character and can be performed at any time of the fight providing your “super attack” bar is full. For example if you play as Batman, you get to use all your gadgets on your enemy before the batmobile shows up and crashes him/her into a wall, Aquaman calls up all the marine life and gets a shark to chomp on the enemy’s ass, etc… It’s really cool and I like that.

There’s also a lot of level interaction going on in this game, you can grab missiles and smash them in your opponents face, BBQ bad guys by igniting the batmobile’s reactors, etc… Some of the levels (maybe all I’m not sure) have different tiers in them. Like you can hit opponents with a powerful attack (usually backward and X on PS3) to see them flying to the other end of the screen, burst through a wall, then all kinds of ridiculous stuff happens before he/she crashes back on the ground of another tier of that level. Awesome!

I have not played online mode extensively but noticed they had daily achievements to keep players coming back every day. Achievements change on a daily basis which is kind of cool and helps keep things interesting. That should help keep a decent online player base.

In Single Player mode, you get the S.T.A.R Labs challenges which is like the Trials mode in Super Street Fighter 4… But let me tell you that getting 3 stars at all challenges is gonna take a while… I’m probably gonna grow old and bald before that happens. That’s how hard the thing is… Plus the reward is like super not inspiring… A Flash skin… Really? That’s it?!? Why not unlocking a new character that you can actually play?

The game is a lot of fun, but make sure you are playing with friends for a great time!

Do we recommend ?


To sum it up

That is so frustrating to me, and it’s not even only particular to that game but is the direction video games are going in general… Why would all the new characters only be available in DLC? Why not making them unlockable again, like it used to be in past games…? I know it’s for money, but when you think of it, ultimately, if players want the whole game with all the characters, it’s going to cost them double… And it sucks! Having unlockable characters just by playing the game was awesome and I would be one of the guys staying up all night trying to unlock them, not even because I liked them but just for the sheer sense of accomplishment you get from doing it… It doesn’t make the company any money but it actually pleases your fans and making them feel good for playing your game is actually smart business… Anyone can reach their wallet and shell out some extra money for 4 additional characters! (OK, rant over)

The story mode is pretty good if you like cinematics and DC Universe… You get to play different characters one by one which is a good way of introducing to the whole cast but frustrating at the same time. Why? Well as soon as you get how to play a character, the story requires you to play another one that has different combos, etc… But still, all in all it is pretty cool but I’ll only go through story mode once I guess.

To sum up, the game is really easy to dive into, the combat system is good for beginners and it evolves and advances as a fighting game should. Online mode seems fun, challenges are somewhat cool even if the reward sucks… It’s a solid game that should keep you entertained for quite a while, and if you’re a fan of either Mortal Kombat or DC characters, there’s no reason for you not to get this game. I’m really enjoying playing it and am actually considering buying a stick especially for that game! And since it’s my birthday soon that would be a good excuse. Any recommendation on which one I should get?


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