Brian Cronin

Does that name sound familiar to you? Probably not, just like it was the case for me some months ago… I think I may have linked to a couple of his posts (or should I say articles?) in the past but maybe without referencing to him directly… I think I also had a link to the “Comics Should Be Good” (CSBG) section over at Comic Book Resources, but it probably got wiped out when I accidentally messed up my blog’s template…

I keep a CSBG Feed in Outlook so I’m able to keep track with what is going on at his website and read religiously each and every update; it’s really quality stuff you’ll find there, not only from Brian Cronin but also from other contributors who occasionally share a slice of their lives as well.

This morning, when checking my subscribed feeds, I read through the CSBG section and found Brian’s daily post in his “A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments” series. He was featuring some panels from Walt Simonson’s The Mighty Thor #362, and while I usually enjoy reading this section, this morning was a bit different than usual. Those panels really vibrate, there’s something about them I cannot explain that really touched me inside and brought a sense of respect for that character. I found it so strong it just made me want to order Thor titles right away (I’ve never read Thor before…)

At the end of his posts, Brian always mentions what he thinks being “THE” moment in those panels… I know the year isn’t over yet and there are still 136 “Cool Comic Book Moments” but out of all the ones that have been published so far, I think that particular one gets the crown.


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